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My Community Friends

                           My Community Friends 


1. Most of us belong to a neighborhood.  Neighbors are people that live near us, usually within walking distance.  Do the following:

  • Can you draw a little map of your house or apartment and the closest homes around you (include up to 5)?  
  • Next, draw a picture or write in the names of the neighbors that you know.  
  • Do you know something about them?  Maybe they have a dog or a cat.  Maybe they like plants.  Can you write/draw those details as well?  
  • Say a prayer for your neighbors.

2)Being a good neighbor means being a friend and helper to those who live near us.  Can you think of ways that you can be a good neighbor? 


3) What are 3 things you and your friend can do to make your neighborhood a better place?


4)When we are good neighbors to those around us, others can see Jesus through us.  God might give us an opportunity to tell our neighbors about Him.  The holidays are especially great times to tell others about God's love or invite them to a special program at church.  But, if we haven't been good neighbors throughout the year, we will miss out on these special times to share Jesus more fully.  Decide on one neighbor that your family can get to know better this year.  As you get to know them, pray for God to show you ways to serve them or tell them about His love.  


5) Complete the activity on page 13 of the Eager Beaver Activity Book.


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