Hempstead SDA Church


Alphabet Fun

                              Alphabet Fun


1) Can you recognize all upper and lowercase letters (Kindergarten)?  If not, can you learn 5 new letters (Pre-K)?  Here is a fun video to help you learn your letters.


2) Do you know how to Spell your first name? Write it down and let us see!

3)Print out 5 letter pages with their matching picture pages.  Can you draw or trace these letter?  Then can you cut out at least 2 pictures from the picture page and paste it around the corresponding letter on the letter page?  Do this for all 5 letters you chose. 




3) There are other ways of writing besides using letters like we do.  Check out the video to see how the ancient Egyptians used a form of drawing called hieroglyphics to write their words.


4) Choose a letter from the alphabet and listen to its sound.  Look around the room.  Can you find anything that starts with same sound as your letter choice?  Do this for at least 2 letter sounds. 



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