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Know Your Body

                                 Know Your Body



1)  Say and do the motions for this Bible verse about our body.
Do you not know (point to head) that your body (guide hands over your body profile top to bottom) is the temple (put finger tips together to make a roof) of the Holy Spirit.... (hold up one finger and swirl it around and around in front of you) 1 Corinthians 6:19. (open palms together like book)


2) Go to page 8 of the Eager Beaver Activity Book and do the following.

  • Point and say these body parts: head, neck, shoulder, arm, elbow, hand, finger, back, legs, knee, feet, toes.
  • Draw your hair, face, clothes, and shoes.

3) Each of our body parts help us do what we need to do.  

  • What do your knees help you do?
  • What do your hands help you do?
  • What does your face show to others?


4) Watch and sing along to the song, Oh Be Careful Little Eyes.


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