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Helping at Home

                                         Helping at Home


1) We mostly use our hands and feet to do things.  Our feet take us where we need to go.  How do our hands help us?

2)Name three ways you can help at home.Let's think of chores that need to be done in 3 places at home.  

Can you think of 1 thing for each place?

  • yard
  • kitchen
  • bedroom
  • living room

3) Choose one chore you will help with for a week.

Ideas taken from Chore Ideas

  • Pick Up Their Room 
  • Water Plants
  • Fold Washcloths, Hand Towels, Underwear, & Other Small Items 
  • Sort & Fold Socks 
  • Put Away Laundry 
  • Dust/Wipe Down Surfaces 
  • Wipe Down Sink/Toilet 
  • Wipe Down Door Handles 
  • Clear the Table 
  • Set the Table

Lets sing a song about helping



4) Jesus' helped his earthly father, Joseph, in his work.  What was Joseph's work?  Read Matthew 13:55.  




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