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My God 3

                             My God 3A


See page 13 in the Sunbeam Activity Book.  Spending time alone with God is important to developing a real relationship with Jesus.  ​

  • Discuss together ideas of things to do during quiet time with God.  Use the pictures between the path as talking points.  
  • Circle the pictures that your child would like to do for their quiet time this month.  
  • Collect all items for your child's quiet time and put it in a special bin, basket, or bag.
  • Decide together that you (parent and child) will practice having quiet time with God.  Fill in the blanks on the bottom of the page.  Will your child have quiet time with you or beside you to practice?  (The goal during the elementary years is to transition your child to doing quiet time alone.  Family Worship becomes the worship activity that you all do together as a family.)  When will your child do their quiet time?  Where will your child do their quiet time?
  • For 25 days, help your child log their progress on their quiet time path chart.  Write the date in each box for when they do quiet time.  I hope you, as parent, also commit to doing quiet time, too.

                                    My God 3B


See page 14 of the Sunbeam Activity Book.  Bible study is an important part of quiet time and maturing in knowledge of God.

  • Have your child interview 3 people (you can be one of them, you can find people to interview at an Adventurer Club meeting) for why they study the Bible. 
  • Write the 3 names on the blanks at the top of the page.
  • Summarize the answers people gave in the open Bible blanks.

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