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Friend of Jesus Award

                                  Friend of Jesus


This award does not correspond with a page in the Sunbeam Activity Book.  Below are the requirements that should be done in various sittings.  This is a great award to work on Friday evenings or Sabbath afternoons.



  • Week 1: PRAYER

  • Be able to say a prayer at mealtime and one at bedtime.

  • Confirm with Adventurer Club Director on a meeting date when your child will say the opening prayer.  Help your child prepare for it.  Dear Father in Heaven, Help us have lots of fun in Adventurer Club learning about You.  In Jesus' Name, Amen.  


  • Tell why you should be kind to animals.
  • Explain what it means to be a friend of Jesus and name five of Jesus’ friends listed in your Bible.
  • Speak kindly to your family and friends. Discuss how being kind to others is also being a friend of Jesus.


  • Confirm with Adventurer Club Director on a meeting date when your child will share a simple testimony.  Please help your child prepare an answer.  Here are some idea questions: How has Jesus been good to you?  How has God answered a special prayer in your life?  How has Jesus helped you?


  • Invite a friend to a meeting at your church.
  • As a club, we will be visiting a shut-in member of our church.  Please help your child make a simple card or letter.  Confirm with the Adventurer Club director the name of our shut-in member and our visitation date.  Here are some ideas for words. "Dear __, I prayed for you.  Sincerely, __." OR "Dear __, I like to play with ___.  Sincerely, __." OR "Dear __, Jesus loves you.  Sincerely, ___."  Draw a picture or decorate with stickers or stamps.  Please have your child write or trace the lettering and sign their name.

​Week 4: HARVEST

  • Attend a baptism , download book Baptism for kids.pdf watch the following video and discuss what it means. Answering the question - Why do people get baptized?


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