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Special Helper

                                                    Special Helper


1) Read this story about a special little helper

2) Like little Samuel, you can be God's special helper at home! Let's play a game called Helping Hands.  What would happen if one of your hands decided to not help the other hand anymore?  Let's put one hand behind the back.  Could you...?

  • Button your shirt
  • Tie your shoe
  • Zip your jacket

No way!  It would be so hard.  Both hands need to work together to make tasks easy to do.  God wants us as families to work together, too, to get all the tasks done in keeping up with our home.  It's really hard on one person to do it, but if everyone helps each other out, it can get done easily.  Let's think of some chores we have to do around the house.

  • wash dishes
  • pick up toys
  • take out the trash
  • sweep or vacuum
  • clean the toilet

Try to one of those chores with just one hand.  Can you do it?  It would be hard.  
​Let's work together with many hands to get these jobs done quickly and easily.  Now, let's try to do it with 2 people, each one using only one hand!  It's a little tricky, but we can get it done working together!


3) Complete the activity on page 11 of the Little Lamb Activity Book. OR Draw and color a picture of how you like to help at home.


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