Little Lamb MY SELF

                                         My Self


1) Sing the song Head Shoulders Knees and Toes



2)  We cover our bodies with clothes to protect us, keep us cool or warm, and be modest.  Look at your clothes and make some choices about outfits.  Can you pick out appropriate clothes and shoes to wear for the following occasions? Do at least 2.

  • Go to school.
  • Play outside on a warm/cold day.
  • Go to church.
  • Go to the pool/beach.
  • Go to bed.


3)  Make a shape person craft.  Cut out 4 skinny rectangles (arms and legs), 2 little circles (hands), 1 bigger circle (head), 2 ovals (feet), and a square (body).  Have your child make a person with them and tell you what body parts are represented.



4. Do page 4 in the Little Lamb Activity Book and complete the name finding activity.  OR Write your name in your favorite color(s).