Hempstead SDA Church


Community Helpers

                                           Community Helpers


1). Watch this video


2) Ask your mom and or dad to tell you about what they do in their community as a job.  OR Think of recent encounter you have had with a community helper.  Can you tell the story of what happened?


3) When Jesus was growing up, he worked in Joseph's carpenter shop.  Carpenters make furniture out of wood and use wood to build structures, like decks.  Their tools include the hammer, the saw, and the ruler.  Can you do these hand motions for the tools He used (saw, hammer, ruler)?  OR Grab some legos, blocks or other building materials and build a church, a school, or a clinic for Jesus.


4) Complete the activity on page 15 of the Little Lamb Activity Book. OR Draw and color a picture of a community helper you like.

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