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Friends of Animals

                 Friend of Animals Award


Refer to pages 24 and 25 in the Busy Bee Activity Book, and complete the requirements.  

1. (This fulfills all of step 1 in the book.) Probably the universal well-loved treat of most backyard critters (birds and small mammals) is sunflower seeds.  Look at these different backyard animals caught on video eating sunflower seeds.  If you can, buy some sunflower seeds and put them outside where you can see who will stop by and eat them.


Sunflower seeds photo #1465806 by Niki Michailov, Courtesy of FreeImages.com

2. Complete the activity on page 24.

3. Complete the activity on page 25.

4. Complete the activity on page 25. OR Draw an animal face of a backyard animal.

5.Play an animal sound guessing game . Take turns thinking and mimicking animal sounds to guess.

6. (This will fulfill the requirements for step 6.) Watch the following video on farm animals.

7. What is an animal that you like?  Answer the question on page 25 with that answer.

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