Hempstead SDA Church


Prayer Award

See page 12 in the Builder Activity Book.  Prayer is an important activity in maintaining a relationship with God.

  • Explain why we pray and what things we pray for and how we pray. Read Isaiah 40:31
    We pray to stay close to Jesus because He is our very best friendand we want to be like Jesus. We pray to thank him for his love and care, to ask for forgiveness, and to help others and ourselves. 
  • Read Matthew 6:5-15, the Lord’s Prayer
  • Pray to God and Jesus 3 times a day for one week. Read 1 Thessalonians 5:17 My Prayer journal
  • Teach someone you know about praying and say a prayer with him/her.
  • Do 3 or more of the following
  1. Make a prayer request chart and ask people if they have a prayer request and pray for them.
  2. Lead out in a club opening or closing prayer.
  3. Make a card with a prayer in it and give it to someone.
  4.  Prayer Cards
  5. Ask the Pastor about prayer.
  6. Have a prayer breakfast for kids and parents.


  • Print out the Praying Hand Activity sheet below (front/back).  Trace your hand on the bottom part of the front page.  Praying Hand

  • Discuss together for whom each finger reminds us to pray.  See if your child can explain to you what each finger represents.  Write in names of people on the hand drawing that your child wants to pray for.  Pray together for those people.

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