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See page 13 in the Builder Activity Book.  Complete the hearts with words, drawings, or by pasting pictures from a magazine.  Color the hearts and decorate the page.


There is not a page in the Builder Activity Book for this requirement.  Participate in an activity that shows the results of good and bad decisions. Here is an idea below based on the following video by Micheal Byrd.

Place a smiley face on one side of the room and a sad face on the other side of the room.
Tell your child, "I am going to share a story with a decision in it.  If you think it was a good choice, then ___ to the smiley face.  If you think it was a bad decision, then ___ to the sad face."  Each time vary the action to get to the sign, e.g. walk slowly, hop, run, twirl, etc.

Virtual- Have child create happy face and sad face paper plate mask .  Child holds up corresponding face for each scenario.

Then discuss why it was a good decision or bad decision.  Have your child come back to the middle again.
Here are some scenarios:

  • You are visiting with a friend who decides to watch a show your parents don't like. You decided to watch the show because your parents are not there.
  • Someone forgot their lunch money at school.  You have extra money for a desert and decide to give them your desert money.
  • You are playing your favorite app on your tablet.  Mom says, please clean your room right now.  You act as if you don't hear her.
  • You go outside to play and notice your elderly neighbor has a lot of leaves in her yard.  You ask your mom if you can offer to rake your neighbor's leaves.
  • Someone who is mean to you trips up and falls.  You laugh out loud about it.
  • You got a new toy for your birthday. You allow your little sister to play with it.
  • Your brother keeps asking you to play with him, but you ignore him.
  • You accidently knocked down a framed picture and it broke.  When mom gets home, you tell her you did it and say I'm sorry.
  • Everybody at school likes to make fun of this one girl.  You join them.

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