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My God 2

                                    My God 2




  • On page 15in the Helping Hand Activity Book, help your child decide on one thing to work on with Jesus.  Below are a few collections of scripture verses and virtues in case you need any ideas. Children can chose from the ones provided in the links  Then fill in the blanks on page 15.  
  • Discuss with your child the importance of spending regular time with God and how that can transform us into what God wants us to be.  Use the checklist on page 13 as a PLANNER page to record what your child DECIDES to do about quiet time.  Remember to include the virtue and scripture verse from page 15 in your quiet time list of activities.
  • Designate a special bag, bin, or basket to hold your child's quiet time supplies.
  • Then, on page 14, fill in the spiral path empty spots with DATES of when your child does quiet time. If your child likes, he or she can also write in a smiley face of how they liked it or how they feel that day.

* Note: By recommending these resources, know that I have NOT reviewed these websites for doctrinal soundness.  I am just recommending the convenient lists of scriptures and virtues they provide.  Use your own discretion.

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