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Growing In Faith Together Stewardship Campaign


Not Equal Giving, but Equal Sacrifice



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We’re excited to launch our capital stewardship program! We’re on a mission to grow God’s kingdom and reach the greater community. As we move in faith and with great sacrifice, let’s look ahead to the many advancements we’re looking forward to bringing to our new church home:

  • expanded food pantry
  • enrichment programs
  • coding classes
  • immigration training
  • music school
  • early learning center &
  • so much more!

Empowering our community through growth and outreach


Community Growth and Outreach

At Hempstead Seventh-Day Adventist Church, we are dedicated to fostering community growth and outreach. Your donations will help us expand our facilities, accommodate more congregants, offer childcare, classes, and strengthen our community.

Family-Friendly Environment

Our church prides itself on providing a family-friendly environment where individuals of all ages can come together to worship and learn. By supporting our campaign, you are helping us create a welcoming space for families to connect and grow spiritually.

Educational Opportunities

Through our stewardship campaign, we are committed to offering childcare, classes, and educational resources to our congregation and community. Your donation will help us strengthen our educational programs and empower individuals to learn and grow in our newly built facility.

Support Our Church's Growth Today

Meet our Steering Committee, the leaders helping to make God’s vision a reality:

Campaign Directors: Elder Valcin & Sis. Adaramola
Ministry Emphasis Director: Elder Townsend & Sis Sophia
Prayer Emphasis Director: Sis. Kim Coates
Canvass Directors: Elder Assaye & Elder Henville
Promotion Directors: Bro Fraser & Sis Yvonne

Campaign Secretary: Sis Campbell
Follow-Up Director: Sis Robinson
Host-Hostess Directors: Sis Townsend & Sis Thompson
Advance Commitments Directors: Sis Ramona & Sis Bridget
Celebration Banquet Directors: Sis Michaelene & Elder Hugh


You're invited to join any of our steering committee teams! We welcome everyone to serve and help us fulfill God's vision together. Your unique talents and perspective can make a real difference. Come be a part of something meaningful! Please reach out to any of our leaders above to learn more about their team.

Upcoming Events:

June 23, 2024 at 3:30 PM

Exciting News for Our Church Family!

Our Church has now entered into one of the most challenging campaigns in her history. It's thrilling to see how God is blessing the work of His church. Without a doubt, the greatest days in the history of our church are yet to come!

Because of your deep and genuine interest in our church, the Advanced Commitment Steering Committee has invited you to a special dinner at:

Whispering Pines SDA School
211 Jericho Turnpike,
Old Westbury, NY, 1168
Sunday, June 23, 2024
3:30 PM

We sincerely wish for you to be our guest on this special occasion. This meeting will be both informative and inspirational. We look forward to having a great time with you!

You will receive a call from a member of our committee within a few days to confirm your reservation. We appreciate your concern for the future of our church.









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